Favorite Perfumes!

I am extremely particular about perfume and what I will wear. It takes me forever t find one that I actually like and then I tend to stick to that one for a while. Sometimes I will like the way a perfume smells but not like it on myself (I warned you I was weird). I am no scent expert so I am not going to discuss undertones and scent notes or try to describe what these smell like… This post is just to share my 6 favorite perfumes with you!


My tried and true and most favorite perfume of all time is Taylor Swift Enchanted Wonderstruck (not to be confused with the one in the purple bottle it smells way different and I do not care for it). Originally I bought this from Ulta but then the second time I bought I had to order it online from Younker’s because Ulta no longer carried it. Now, Younker’s no longer carries it. So the best and most reputable place to get it (that I can find) is through ordering it directly from the Taylor Swift store for about $60. Another place to check would be stores like TJ Maxx and Marshall’s or Gordman’s since they tend to have fragrances that are older or discontinued and harder to find and they usually cost less!



My next favorite is one I have only seen at Gordman’s. It is True Religion Hippie Chic. I spent about $30 on it and love it. My bottle is almost gone and if Gordman’s does not have it anymore I will have to order it from Overstock which would actually save me money…



The next one is another Taylor Swift Perfume. I got it as a birthday gift from my older sister. It is Taylor by Taylor Swift made of starlight. It came in a special box that sings when opened. This is basically impossible to find but I have a hunch the perfume is the same as the regular Taylor by Taylor Swift which is about $60.



The last expensive one is the limited edition Escada fragrance called Turquoise Summer in the medium (1.6 oz.) bottle for $60. I usually do not wear this alone; I will layer it with the next one I mention because I think they compliment each other nicely. This one is still available at Ulta (on their site but maybe not in store).


These last two are just body sprays from Bath and Body Works and are nothing expensive. Both are quite strong and only need a few sprays as to not be overpowering.


Tahiti Island Dream is the one I layer with Turquoise Summer and I only have a small bottle of it as well. I spent $6 on it (probably less with some deal or coupon)  and some times I use it as a room spray as well. It was a summer sent but is still available on their site as a lotion, body spray, shower gel, body scrub, and they even have it in a fancy perfume bottle for $40!



This last one is A Thousand Wishes which I have in a large body spray bottle. I love this scent and even bought the body cream and shower gel in the same scent which I never do. As I am on The Bath and Body Works site I see now that they have a fancy perfume for this one as well and a wallflower (which I will be getting). On the site the body spray is $14 but I did not pay that for it.


I hope that you enjoyed this posting and will maybe even check out some of these fragrances that I love so dearly (if you can find them).

Much love,



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