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This post is 100% beauty related. Today I am going to share all of my eyeshadow palettes with you! For some it may seem like a lot or even quite redundant and others might think it to be a small collection. Either way, I am happy with all of the palettes I have. I have purchased all of them with my own money. Yes, there are a million more eyeshadow palettes that I want, but I am not made of money and bills come before makeup. Besides, if I purchased all the palettes I actually wanted then my collection would be so large I wouldn’t have a place to store them all.

One thing I will say is that I did not pay full price for most of these. Tarte is really good about having sales and you just have yo watch sales at Ulta as well and use coupons and points if possible.  A lot of brands issue coupons if you buy directly from them. Just watch their sites or sign up for their newsletter. Another tip is that if you get Ipsy or Birchbox they often have coupons for the brands that they had in their bags/boxes for that month. Just know that you do have options to save money on good products.

To start it off I am going to share all of Tarte palettes. Tarte is the brand that got me into higher end makeup and is a great brand that I will always continue to use and love.

The very first Tarte eyeshadow palette that I bought was the Golden Days and Sultry Nights palette. I bought it directly from the Tarte website for $36. It is now available for $24 but only through Tarte. It is no longer available at Ulta or Sephora. Here is the link if you want it


20150922_191255 20150922_191303

I like that this palette has both matte and shimmer shadows and is not just neutral. The main reason I purchased this palette was because of that beautiful turquoise color. It is a fun palette and super easy to use as the shadows are not too pigmented or dark.

The next Tarte palette I purchased was the Rainforest After Dark palette. I may have bought it at the same time as the first one but that was quite a while ago and I honestly do not remember. It can be purchased for $38 through Tarte, Ulta, or Sephora (and a few other places I imagine).




20150922_191407 20150922_191429_001

I am not going to do a full review on this palette. From the pictures you can see that it is well used. The dark brown shadow is almost gone because I use it on my brows. Out of all the brow powders I have bought and tried this shadow beats them all. Also, the highlighter got broken and I have had a few smaller pieces fall out since but there is still quite a sizable amount of product left so I am not worried about it.

This next palette is just a little quad that came with a set of other Tarte products. It is no longer available but there are much better Tarte products out there to be honest. It is a cute little quad but I do not use it that often. The name of this palette is Beauty and the Box.

20150922_191100 20150922_191110_001

Tarte Amazon Escape: Volume II

20150922_191314 20150922_191322

This palette is no longer available. I bought it on Hautelook for a price that I do not remember. It is a nice palette for traveling but I do not care for the packaging since it is kind of bulky. The blushes are as pigmented and wonderful as all Tarte blushes are and the shadows are all pigmented and smooth. I love Tarte eyeshadows but they always seem to have a lot of fallout which can be messy and annoying but I tend to ignore it since they are such good quality otherwise.

This next beauty is absolutely amazing and I love it. The Showstopper palette is one of go-to palettes. I use it all the time. The warm tones are amazing for all skin tones and the colors in this palette are gorgeous. I also love the highlighter (even though this is an eyeshadow post).


This one is the same cost-wise as the Rainforest After Dark palette, so it is $38. It is available anywhere that Tarte products are. Here are a few links in case you want to purchase it.




Only two more! I warned you… Tarte is my favorite.

This one was from the 2014 Holiday Collection. It is the limited edition Away Oui Go set with portable palette. Since it was last years collection it is no longer available (sorry). But this year’s holiday collection is something to check out if you are looking for something similar. Tarte’s holiday collections are to die for. I would definitely recommend buying their holiday brush collection because it is a steal and their brushed are such great quality. I know that has nothing to do with the eyeshadow but it’s a good tip if you want some high-quality brushes for a steal.

20150922_191707 20150922_191716

I love this set because you get 16 eyeshadows and 4 blushes. One cannot have too many Tarte blushes. They are pigmented and long-lasting and gorgeous.

Okay, last one

And I saved the best for last…Besides Tarte’s new Holiday collection (2015) this is their newest palette. The Energy Noir palette is stunning and amazing and I just love it. It has both matte and nude shadows and a blush and a highlighter that looks amazing on my pale skin.

20150922_191219 20150922_191246

This is still available and totally worth the $38




We are done with Tarte products. Woohoo!

Urban Decay Vice Ltd. It is 20 shadows of perfection. I use this palette quite a bit (but not as often as my sister did when we lived together). It has matte and shimmer and warm and cool and a beautiful matte black that beats most other black shadows.

20150922_191620 20150922_191627

This palette came with a brush but I did not really care for it and it no longer with the palette. It is probably in the cup with all my other eye brushes. This is yet another palette I own that was limited edition that is no longer available. I think I spend either $56 or $58 for this palette.


These are my Birchbox/Ipsy eyeshadows. They are the Nicka K New York quad in NY075 Sierra, the POP Beauty eyeshadow trio in Sugar Plum, and the Nyx x Ipsy eyeshadow trio in 01.

20150922_190958 20150922_191011 20150922_192309 20150922_191032 20150922_191045

The Nicka K quad is only $4.99 and available on their website. I actually like this palette. It is pigmented and all the shadows are shimmery and warmer toned.


I could not find the POP Beauty trio on its own. There are larger palettes available through the Birchbox site. Not that I would recommend this product anyways. It was not very pigmented and I would not purchase any of their eye products on my own.

The Nyx trio is not available online that I could find buuuut the Love in Rio trio is available at Ulta and looks quite similar. it is $5.99 but once again I would not purchase this on my own due to lack of pigmentation which is sad because I have heard good things about Nyx shadows.


I only have three more… If you have made it this far I commend you. You are a rockstar. Since you made it this far you are probably pretty committed. You should just hit the follow button. I would reeeaaally appreciate it 🙂

I do not own any UD Naked palettes (gasps) but I wanted something similar. I purchased the Crown Brush Under Exposed palette from Hautelook for $16. It is available on their US site for $21.95 but I have heard that they often have sales where it is $18 or you could keep your eyes open on Hautelook to see if they have any of the Crown Brush “Exposed” palettes available when Crown Brush is featured.


20150922_190925 20150922_190934

Here is a link to an extremely in-depth comparison between one of the other “Exposed” palettes to a Naked palette. It is a lengthy but informative read and the blogger is someone who I look up to because she is amazing and puts so much time and effort into her blog and social media that it is ridiculous.


My last two palettes are both from the brand Too Faced. They are both pigmented and beautiful and I would highly recommend buying any Too Faced eyeshadow palettes. These two are the Sugar Pop palette and the Cat Eyes palette. I bought both from Ulta for $36 each. The Cat Eyes palette came with a brush and that is why I purchased it from Ulta rather than another retailer. That brush was limited edition and no longer available but you can still get the regular Cat Eyes palette from Too Faced or Ulta. The same goes for the Sugar Pop palette. You can most likely find these elsewhere if for some reason you do not want to order from either of these sites…

20150922_191130 20150922_191142 20150922_191157 20150922_191204





That is it. Those are all of my eyeshadow palettes. I know this was loooong and if you made it to the end of this post you are a trooper and I love and appreciate you. Thank you so much for your support and dont forget to hit that follow button and then follow me on Instagram @ChristyKey_

Thank You and Much Love,


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