Burritos on a Budget

Today I am going to give you a quick and simple burrito recipe that is easy on your wallet and will give Chipotle a run for their money. Personally, I love a good burrito. In recent years these “build your own” burrito chains have gained immense popularity in the fast food world and it’s no wonder why. You are getting a customizable and fairly healthy meal for a reasonable price. I too, am a fan of these fast food burrito places (I have to thank Jose for that because he’s the one who always wants to eat at Chipotle and Qdoba). But why pay $10 for lunch when you can make a whole week of lunches for that cost?

Okay guys, this recipe is 100% customizable so if you don’t like what I use you can use whatever ingredients you like. I usually use chicken, white rice, black beans, and flour tortillas because I generally have these things at home and it’s what I like in mine. I do not use any cheese because I am lactose intolerant and try to keep my dairy intake to a minimum. Also, I do not include any salsa in this recipe because I usually make my burritos ahead of time and eat them for lunch throughout the week. I find that reheated pico de gallo is gross so if I want salsa I make it fresh and just add it in after the fact.

Now to get into the actual recipe… 

You will need 

2 boneless skinless chicken breasts or meat of choice (diced)

1 can of black beans (I prefer La Costeña brand)

1/2 cup uncooked rice

1 package of large burrito sized tortillas

Seasonings ( I use chili powder, cumin, oregano, and some salt)

Any other ingredients you would like to use


First, get your rice going. I use half a cup of long grain white rice and prepare it how the package suggests. I mean, it’s just rice so it is not difficult to make… After getting that started I take my diced chicken breasts and start to cook them in a large pan on medium high heat. While the meat is cooking I add a liberal amount of chili powder and cumin and just a little oregano and a dash of salt for flavor. As the chicken and rice both continue to cook I pour the black beans into a small/medium sized sauce pan and warm them up. You could also heat them up in the microwave but I just like to do it on the stove.

When these things are all cooked/heated up I dump them all into a large bowl and mix it all up. I then heat up the large tortillas on the stove in a pan. I just do this for a minute or so to soften them up. Fill the tortillas up with as much of the burrito mixture as you desire and then roll them up. You can wrap them in tin foil (my preferred method) or store them in reusable plastic containers or eat them right away, whichever you prefer.

I usually put these burritos in the freezer and then eat one whenever I’m in the mood  (after a few minutes in the microwave they are as good as they are fresh, but remember not to microwave them while wrapped in foil). 


Now, I broke down the cost of making these burritos and found it to be about  $10 and it made 6 medium sized burritos. Mind you, my burritos aren’t quite as big as a fast food burrito but I prefer one that I can eat in one sitting (I mean, I can eat a Chipotle burrito in one sitting if I’m really hungry but it’s a lot of food).

2 chicken breasts – $4 (this is an estimate because I buy 5 lb. packages of boneless skinless chicken breasts and it’s like $1.98 and there are usually 6 breasts to a package)

Beans – $1.50

Rice – $0.50 (I buy a 5 pound bag for like $5 so I just rounded up for this one)

Tortillas – $3.50

Total $9.50

That’s a WHOLE WEEK worth of burritos pretty much for the price of one. To me, it’s totally worth the half an hour it takes to make them.

I hope you enjoyed this recipe. If you would like to see more recipes or have any questions regarding this one, be sure to let me know. Thank you so much.

Much love,



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