Unspoken Words Series

“Unspoken Words” is a series I will be beginning in the near future (depending on the responses I get). It was inspired by a quote I found while perusing on Pinterest.


Basically, I want to share unspoken words, feelings, and stories.

I want to know what you wish you had said. What keeps you up at night. What you have held inside and never let out. What you want to tell your mom, sister, daughter, ex, etc. but never have. I want to know about the things you don’t say.

It can be one single sentence or a whole page. It can be messy or poetic. It can have spelling errors. I am not looking for perfect; I am looking for honest and real responses. I am not here to judge. I simply want to share these never before heard stories/accounts/feelings.

*however I would not like any responses directed towards me personally

Feel free to contact me however you are comfortable.

Email: christykeys@outlook.com

You can message me on any social media, text me, you can even write me a letter if you really want. I do not care.

*Any responses not in regards to this topic will be ignored/deleted

When posting this series on my blog all content will 100% confidential and anonymous. I will not share who you are and if you don’t want me to know who you are then don’t tell me (and contact me in a way that I wouldn’t know who you are like via email).

I will only respond to let you know I received what you had to say and confirm that I have the right to share it on my blog.

If you want to submit something, I will hear from you soon and if not, thank you for your time and interest.



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