Ipsy Bag October 2016

For anyone who does not know, Ipsy is a monthly subscription that costs $10. Each month you get a bag and 4-5 beauty products. Sometimes they are full sized but more often than not they are trial sized products. The products you receive are based on a profile you complete and past reviews you submit (so if you get something you don’t like/don’t want again like nail polish  you can tell them and that will decrease your chances of getting a similar product in the future). If you’d like to subscribe to Ipsy (which I recommend because I love it and think it’s a good way to try new products) my referral code will be below. Personally, I think an Ipsy subscription would be a great gift for a someone.


Now to get into my actual bag for the month of October. The bag itself was the cutest one to date. I love little bags and have like 5 in my purse because I am ridiculous.


I mean, look at this bag? It’s so adorable. It’s pale pink and has “spooky” little pictures all over it. I absolutely love it.

Inside this month’s bag, were 5  products. First, was a full sized bottle of nail polish in the color Heavenly (a periwinkle color that you can’t really see in my terrible photograph) from the brand Kokie Cosmetics. I had never heard of this brand before but the polish is a nice consistency and the the packaging is cute so I have no complaints.


Next, was a sample size of the Makeup Forever Ultra HD  foundation in the shade 115=R230. This foundation is not quite my color but I tried it anyways. It has nice coverage but didn’t look heavy or cakey. I personally think it would work better for someone with dry skin. I am more on the oily side and 2 hours into wearing the foundation you could definitely tell.


The next product I have mixed feelings about…. It’s the Pur Dirty Girl detoxifying mud mask. It was a nice mask and I felt it definitely did detox my skin however, it was really hard to get off after it dried and caused my skin to be super irritated… I liked it but will not be reusing because I felt it was too harsh for me.


Next, is a product that someone can have if they want it. It’s a good product but definitely not for me. It is the Trust Fund Beauty Gimme Good Face face primer. I love the brand but dimethicone based primers break me out so I didn’t even try this one.


Lastly, is a product I was truly excited about. I had high hopes for the Ciate London Fierce Flicks eyeliner pen but it did not meet my expectations. It seemed to be more than your standard eyeliner pen:  very black, precise tip to get fierce winged liner. Then I actually wore it…. 2 hours into the wear test it was all over the place and I was definitely not doing anything strenuous  (I was watching netflix). So, if you have oily eyelids ans have issues with your liner transferring this is not for you. If you have dry skin this might work for you but I can make no guarantees.


Overall, I was happy with this bag. That bag itself made up for the products I didn’t like. I feel like there was a good mix of products and definitely some good brands.

*Any products I didn’t like are up for grabs if someone else wants to try them.  This month I only want the bag and the nail polish

I hope you enjoyed this month’s Ipsy review.  I will continue to do these as long as I stay subscribed so I can share what I got and do mini reviews of the products.

Much love,

ChristyKeys 🗝



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