Morphe Brushes × Deysi Danger Highlight Palette Review

Today I am going to discuss/review the Morphe Brushes × Deysi Danger Highlight Palette. It is Morphe’s first highlight palette and it is in collaboration with makeup artist Deysi Danger (who I highly recommend following on Instagram or snapchat @deysidanger because she is amazing in every aspect).  This palette includes 9 different highlighters, 2 matte setting powders and 7 shimmer highlights for only $25.




Screenshot from the Morphe website

There is pretty much something for everyone in this palette and I enjoy the versatility of it.  The top two pans (left and middle) are the matte highlight shades. The first one is a more cool toned peach and the other is a warmer yellow or banana powder. These two powders can be used to set under concealer under your eyes or any area that you wish to brighten. I have neutral undertones so I tend to mix the two but I have used the cool toned one on its own and absolutely love it. I am not sure how they apply with a brush because I tend to use a damp beauty sponge to apply them and they go on flawlessly and are not cakey or too powdery at all.

Now, on to the fun shades. I swatched all of these highlighters and pictures don’t do them justice. I found it difficult to capture how they actually look but I have used all of them and can provide some insight on how nice they really are. The shades nearest to my hand (bottom row of the actual palette) are probably the most pigmented. 

*I would also like to note that I would not want an intense stripe of highlight on my face; I prefer mine to be more blended for an overall glow. So these swatches really don’t matter except to show color because when applied to the face they look different.


Finger swatched on dry skin. I did not press super hard to try to get more pigment. I swiped twice on the highlight and then once on my arm.



Swatched with a flat brush that had been wet with setting spray

These highlighters are all smooth and buttery; they aren’t glittery or chunky at all. Texture-wise they almost remind me of the Jeffree Star Skin frosts or Ofra highlighters but they are not quite as pigmented and glowy. You can see they swatch better when wet. Personally, I only wet my brush when applying them if I’m going for that blinding glow.  I am not going to go over every shade on its own because I like them all.

My personal favorite is the one on the bottom left of the palette. It is a beautiful gold highlight and the one I tend to use most often. The darkest shade is too dark for my mega pale skin but I can use it as an eyeshadow. It would look amazing on someone considerably more tan (I think it would look amazing on someone with Jose’s complexion).

One shade I do want to discuss is the one that doesn’t pick up on camera very well. It is the first highlight in the middle row. It is an absolutely beautiful subtle pink with a gold shift. Out of the middle row it is my favorite despite how it swatches. It gives a natural glow that looks like it is coming  from within.

Okay, now some might argue that these aren’t the best most blingin highlighters, but I think for the money you are getting an amazing deal. It’s $25 for 9 different shades. You can save a few dollars by using any affiliate code (Danger is Deysi’s code and what I used) but then shipping is added on and it came out to being about $35 total. You would spend more than that for just one Becca highlight or about that for  Jeffree Star highlighter… Personally, I enjoy my higher end highlighters but think that this palete would be good for someone just getting into highlighting or makeup or even good for an MUA to have in their kit since it is so versatile.

The last thing I would like to discuss is not regarding the palette itself but Morphe. I did not have the best experience with their shipping process. My order processed for more than 9 days before it shipped out. Once it shipped it only took a matter of days for it to arrive but I had to email them regarding my order to get them to speed up the processing of it. Overall it took about 3 weeks for me to get this palette after I ordered it. If Morphe were a small or up and coming business I wouldn’t mind that at all but they are an extremely popular company so I find that to be unacceptable.

Overall, I am glad that I bought this palette. It has become a staple in my makeup routine and I think it would be great for traveling. It is fairly priced and extremely versatile and the colors are quite unique so I would recommend it.

Much love,


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