DIY Face Masks (for acne)

Today I am going to share 2 DIY honey face mask recipes. These recipes are geared more towards people with acne since honey has antimicrobial properties which helps to clear acne causing bacteria from the face. I make and use both of these masks on a regular basis when I am not using a store bought mask (which I also use quite often). Lately I’ve been loving the new Loreal Pure Clay mask (the green one) and I might do a review on that in the near future. There are tons different DIY face mask recipes on the Internet for a variety of different skin issues. I just happen to find these two helpful for my personal skin issues and they are easy to make because I ALWAYS have the ingredients in my kitchen.




This mask literally could not be easier to make. I do not use any fancy or special ingredients as you can see above, I just use what I already have in my kitchen. I do not measure out what I use. I use probably a spoonful of honey and then I shake a generous amount of cinnamon in and mix until they are nicely combined. I usually mix these up in cleaned out Lush face mask pots because I have a million of them in my bathroom cabinet. I then put this honey and cinnamon mixture on my face for anywhere between 10-20 minutes.  After the desired amount of time I wash it off with warm water. Cinnamon, like honey, has antimicrobial properties which helps to clear out  microbial infections from acne. Also the cinnamon is in the form of small granules and is slightly exfoliating when you wash it off. I find this mask to make my skin look brighter and feel extra clean.


*I have noticed this mask is best when it’s fresh. It kind of starts to smell weird if it sits too long and I just don’t trust it so just make enough for one use at a time. Also this mask is sticky (I mean, it’s honey so what do you expect?) Soap be careful to keep your hair out of the way and it will drip from your chin down onto your neck and chest so just be wary of that.



For this mask I kind of take the same approach of “not measuring” as I do with the first one. I use about the same amount of honey and then I cut open a green tea bag and use half of the contents. I mix the two together in a clean Lush pot and apply to my face. This mask isn’t quite as sticky and runny as the first one because the tea bag contents seem to help thicken up the mixture. I usually let this mask sit for about 15-20 minutes but there really is no time limit. The contents of the green tea are packed full of antioxidants which are very calming so if you have redness or irritated skin this will help to soothe that. However you must be careful when taking the mask off, you don’t want to scrub at it and exfoliate the skin, you just  want to gently rinse it off so you don’t make any irritation or redness worse. I find this mask to leave my skin calmed (little to no redness) and clean.

Both of these face masks are quick, cheap, and effective at home remedies for acne problems. Honestly, they would work for anyone looking to have a clean clear complexion. Enjoy.

Much love,


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