How to Save Money On Groceries

Who wants to save money on their grocery bill every week? Who doesn’t? Seriously, I think everyone wants to save money. I have been out of my parents’ house on my own for a little over a year now and have picked up a few tips and tricks to help save money every single week.


The first thing that I do every single week is to meal plan and make a list. I list every single item I need from the store and then at the store do my best to stick to that list. This helps to keep extra spending to a minimum. You’re not reaching for random things you don’t need and you are not buying extra garbage junk foods. I do make an exception for this rule when something is on sale especially if it something I will eat or use like seasonal fruits or vegetables or something that I can use for a meal that I plan on making during the week.


Now I’m no crazy coupon lady who scours the Internet for coupons because that is just excessive. Besides, in Iowa we cannot double coupons so it’s not quite as rewarding. I simply use coupons from the Sunday newspaper. I usually found between $5 and $10 in savings on products I was already going to buy and if you keep track it really adds up. I was not even buying the paper to get these coupons. I had an older co-worker who bought the paper every week and just gave me coupons because she didn’t use them so that’s always an option too.


Ibotta is an app for your phone or tablet that helps you save money on grocery items, alcohol, household items, and much more. You do not get immediate savings but you can withdraw your savings in increments of $20 which accumulates fairly quickly. Your savings can be paid out to your PayPal account or you can get gift cards for it. I usually get walmart gift cards and use it towards groceries. I have been saving $20 or more every month since I started using this app. If you sign up you can use my referral code (vajqumh) and we will both get a bonus if you actually use the app.

*I promise this is not sponsored I really just love this app.


Seriously guys, don’t be stupid. Get stuff you actually need and will use for meals not just 27 frozen pizzas and some beer. I try to get all of groceries in one trip so I’m not at the store every day  (the list definitely helps with this). It only takes a few minutes to make a list and plan out meals and it will be so rewarding. You won’t be stuck eating garbage every night. Don’t get me wrong, having quick east stuff around the house is nice but you don’t want to only eat that kind of food because it’s not very cost effective and not good for you.

I really hope these little tips/tricks help you to save on your grocery bill even if it is just a few dollars a week.

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