Ballin’ on a Budget

Within the last month I went from living with my parents and having few bills and responsibilities to living on my own (with Jose of course) and let me tell you, it has not been easy. Bills are not fun. Being broke is not fun. I never realized how expensive it was to eat!  Thankfully I am good at budgeting and planning and have lots of money saving strategies. This post is going to discuss some ways that I save money and really make my dollars count.

  1. Stores with rewards cards/points plans really do help you save.

    All kinds of different retail stores have loyalty points where you can earn rewards by spending so much money or visiting so many times. These stores are the best. I avoid buying things at full price. My favorite has to be the grocery store where you can earn points that take money off the cost of gas just for buying groceries. Hy-vee has specific items that help you get fuel-saver points that rack up until the end of the month and Cash Saver gives you five cents off per gallon for each $50 you spend in a month. I also love beauty stores such as Ulta and Sephora because their points systems save me tons on makeup each year. It is definitely something to look in to if you are tight on cash.

  2. Budget. Budget. Budget.

    Know your expenses and your income and plan accordingly. This way you are never short on bills and you can see where you have money to play around with and even splurge once in a while. I think having some sort of budget, simple or complex, and sticking to it is vital when it comes to financial management and never being broke.

  3. Buy things used

    Craigslist. Goodwill. Swap sites. They are all super helpful and amazing. Not only can you find some good deals but you can also make some quick cash if you have something you want to get rid of. Personally, I love Goodwill. I have found myself and others brand new clothes with the tags still on them for like $3. You can’t beat that! Especially when it is name brand stuff. You just have to wash it a couple times to get rid of that thrift store smell. Just today I bought some makeup and skincare items from a friend that was trying to make some cash and needed to get rid of stuff. It might not have been stuff that I necessarily needed but I had room in my budget for it and am always down to help someone out. Also, I got a great deal on what I did end up with.

  4. Live within your means.

    Never feel that you have to keep up with anybody or impress anybody. Do what you can afford. Do not go into debt or be broke trying to impress people who probably do not care about you. Life is not a competition. Just work on yourself and worry about your home and your bills and you will be fine.

I know this post was a little bit shorter and not super personal, I hope you all enjoy it. I am open to any topic and would love some suggestions or ideas. Also, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @ChristyKeys_

Thank You and Much Love,


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