First Blog Post!!!!

Since this is my first blog post ever I am going to share some of my all-time favorite things. I want any readers or potential-readers to get a feel for who I am and what I like. These will not be full in-depth reviews but I can go into more detail about a specific product if anyone wants. Just leave a comment or feel free to e-mail me or comment on my Instagram (ChristyKeys_).


To start this off I am going to talk about one of my true passions: food. I am small but I love to eat. It is probably my main hobby. Now, I do love to cook and bake but some things I cannot replicate. One of my favorite foods is tacos and I do not discriminate. I love all kinds of tacos. Tacos from home (made with ground beef), tacos de carne asada from a Mexican restaurant, but my one true love is chorizo tacos from the taco truck.


I don’t just go to any taco truck. I go to Taqueria Vera Cruz (if you’re from Des Moines this may or may not mean anything to you but it is the taco truck on the southeast corner of University and Pennsylvania Ave. across from Luthern Hospital). They have some bomb ass tacos and horchata and I cannot really vouch for anything else because I always get the same thing.



That’s it for food (for this post). Now I am going to share a fewΒ of my daily skin care products. One is high end an expensive (Jose usually buys it for me because he is awesome) and the others are under $10. The first is Murad Acne Clearing Solution.


I have acne; sometimes it is severe and sometimes it is mild but either way it is annoying. I have tried EVERYTHING. Most acne products either break my skin out worse or dry it out really badly and just do not work. But let me tell you something about Murad, it may not be the most powerful but it truly works (for me). The have a wide variety of products and I have loved every single one that I have tried. When (if) the day comes that I use a Murad product that I do not like, you will be the first to know.

My second skin care item is just a makeup remover wipe. Again, I have used plenty different brands that make different claims, but had not found one that really worked for me. On a whim I bought the Olay Fresh Effects Everything Off Makeup Removing Wipes and loved them!

Olay Wipes

They truly do get everything off and they do not leave a weird residue on your face. They are a product that I would definitely recommend. and for $5.99 who can argue?

My last skincare item is a face wash. Out of the three skincare items this is the one I have used for the longest. It is the Simple Skincare Foaming Cleanser. This is not acne fighting or clarifying or anything special. To be honest it just cleans your face. I like it because my sensitive skin does not react badly with it and it does not strip my skin and feel it leaving tight or dry.



I have four makeup products to share with you. I generally wear a full face of makeup. It is not always heavy but there is usually something on my skin and my brows are always done.

The first product is the only drugstore product. I can say that I do not use as many drugstore products as I used to. High-end makeup got me hooked. This product, however, is ah-mazing, especially if you have oily skin. L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte foundation (I am in the shade 101 aka extra pale)is the only thing I have ever used that keeps me matte all day long.


It does not live up to it’s 24-hour claims but 8 hours without me getting oily and having to touch up is pretty dang good. So if you have oily skin and need decent coverage, this is the best $11-$14 you will ever spend. I actually tried this foundation because my favorite Youtuber raved about it (shoutout to Nicole from YoungWildandPolished because she is the best go subscribe to her channel). It was my best decision yet.

This next makeup product is a mascara. There are plenty of good cheap mascaras but like I said earlier, I do like ones that tend to be a little more expensive. It’s just me being a brand whore I guess. I also love to use new products so there is that too. This mascara is the I’m not sure if people actually still say that but I do. Benefit’s Roller Lash makes my lashes go from 1 to 10 in 1 coat. It is something I will continue to repurchase until I find something better. It doesn’t flake or get clumpy and your lashes get mad volume and length. As of right now, it is my favorite mascara.


The next and last two products are brow products. My brows are extremely important to me as I have very little left of my natural brows. The first product is Tarte waterproof Amazonian Brow Mousse (in medium brown). It comes with a brush and I feel like that justifies the price. Also, one little container lasts a million years. I have had my current one for more than a year and my sister used it for quite a while too. If you are just shaping/filling a little you do not need much product. Since I actually build a whole brow I use quite a bit more than an average person and it stiiiilll lasts forever. The color selection is slimmer than other brands such but it works for me.


This last product is 100% thanks to Ulta. I got it for half price the first time I bought it. If that hadn’t have been the case, I probably never would have purchased it in the first place. Β Lorac Pro Brow Pencil in dark brown is the all-time best eyebrow pencil ever. It matches my naturally dark hair, it is creamy but does not slide all over the place, and it is thin. I have used many many many eyebrow pencils over the years. I have tried the expensive ones, the cheap ones, automatic ones, ones that have been raved about…. almost all of them and none of them are as good as my Lorac. I am just going to leave it at that.


So that’s it for this first post. I know it is kind of long, but some will be. I truly appreciate you taking the time to read my blog and would love if you followed me and comment or e-mail if you have any questions and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (ChristyKeys_).

Thank You and much love


6 thoughts on “First Blog Post!!!!

  1. Great job christy ! Loved this
    Balling on a budget obviously was my favorite haha. πŸ˜†πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½


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